Review: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Dropped by Max Brenner Chocolate Bar (Vivocity Branch) after dinner with my group of 6 sisters (missing one) for dessert. This has been one of the top places on my list of to-visits for quite a while for its churros, so you can imagine how glad I was to be finally here. The place was crowded, as expected for a Friday night. We had to wait for about 15 minutes in line before it was our turn, even though the service crew did try to help us get a table faster by attempting to shift some tables' orientation. Though it didn't work out in the end, it is commendable that they did try for us. (:

We decided on the Tutti Fruitti Waffles ($18.90) and  Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue ($15.90). 

The Tutti Fruitti Waffles came beautifully in presentation. The texture of the waffle was fluffy and slightly chewy, with the exterior crisp. In my opinion, a pretty decent waffle. The other items on the plate could do no wrong - strawberries, mixed berries, and vanilla ice cream. It all came together well, and I especially liked the berries sauce and milk chocolate sauce coupled with the waffles. Overall, a choice you can definitely consider ordering when you are there!

Tutti Fruitti Waffles: mixed berries, crumbled vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate ganache and Choco-pops.

Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue: muddled raspberries, warm toffee sauce and white chocolate and dark chocolate fondue for dipping.
Now, for the item I was anticipating most: Max Brenner's Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue. You have a choice of 2 kinds of fondue dips between options of milk, white and dark chocolate. Sad to say, I was underwhelmed by this.The churros were lukewarm at best and were pretty dry and slightly hard. There was only a little bit of crisp left to it, perhaps the result of leaving it on the counter for too long or frying it way too early before it was served to us. It was honestly, quite disappointing, though the fondues and accompanying raspberry and toffee sauces were good. Then again, it is hard to go wrong on the chocolate fondues. The supposed star of the plate- the lukewarm churros really dragged it down. The bite was unsatisfying, lacking in chewiness and the expected fluffiness and warmth. This platter left much to be desired.

Max Brenner does deliver in quality of its chocolate, though we had a hit and a miss for our order choices during our visit. There are many other choices of desserts, ranging from chocolate beverages to crepes, ice creams and waffles. The pricing may be on the high side, but it is still worth a try just for the sheer quality of its ingredients, even if the culinary side may be lacking, if the churros are anything to go by. The ambience is also good for a relaxing get-together over dessert. I will probably go back again for its other offerings, and maybe, a second chance for the churros?