Brunches Cafe Review [Rangoon Road]

No points for guessing what this cafe serves. The most distinct feature of Brunches, however, is the vintage decor that it is decked out in. The place also has plenty of quirky, vintage items that are for sale, albeit at slightly premium prices.

We can really pretend that we are in a retro diner somewhere lost in the U.S.   There are also 'seats' on the only vintage car parked within the cafe. The many quaint tables and chairs/sofas can easily cater to groups of 4 and some, larger. 

The cafe also does its own bakes, displayed in the glass case near the cashier. Cupcakes in flavours like Earl Grey start from $3.50 onwards, while a piece of cream cake  such as the raspberry cream cake and buttery apple crumble goes at $5.50. Pretty standard cafe prices.

Starters and Sides
All-day Breakfast 

Prices shown on the menu do not include 10% plus 7%, unlike most other cafes in Singapore, where prices either already include the charges inside already or are waived. So I got a little shocked when my Flat White escalated from $4.50 to $5.7.

Lunch Set
They do offer lunch sets, which are more value-for-money if you intend to try the mains.
Flat White ($5.70)
Their coffee is on the acidic side, so it isn't for those who like a balanced cup. Otherwise, a pretty decent cup.

Baked Eggs and Bacon
Baked Eggs and Bacon ($13.90)
The baked eggs and bacon set ($13.90) featured a piece of sourdough toast (your choice of white/wholemeal/sourdough) with 2 baked eggs wrapped in bacon, accompanied by sauteed mushrooms and a salad. We hardly find cafes who do their own breads nowadays, so the effort should be commended. However, it was a pity as the sourdough was a little too chewy for my liking and lacking in any aroma. The rest on the plate were not bad, my favourite being the sauteed mushrooms.

The semi-cooked runny yolks in the baked eggs flowed nicely too.

This is one cafe worth a visit for the fun retro-themed interiors, especially in groups, though the food isn't top notch. The laidback setting in somewhat sleepy Rangoon Road also makes it pretty ideal to settle down with a book and just watch the afternoon go by.

Brunches Cafe
96 Rangoon Rd, 218381
Open weekdays 10.30am-9pm; weekends 9.30am-9pm.
Tel: 8685 8488