Montana Singapore Review [Updated from Montana Brew Bar Review] - Media Invite

Montana Singapore, as it is known now, has upgraded to a two-level premise within PoMo. Much more spacious than when it occupied the first-storey space when it was Montana Brew Bar, the place still manages to keep the same relaxed vibes. 

The menu has long since expanded to include more apart from waffles. There are more pastas now, and burgers added to the fray along with a host of alcohol choices. The place's wine bar starts at 6pm. 
Montana Singapore Menu

Montana Singapore Brunch Menu

Montana Singapore Alcohol Menu

Regular Coconut Cold Brew ($6.80)

The coconut cold brew came in a very scientific looking setup of conical flask with an ice ball within a separate glass. After pouring into the glass, you have a light brew that has the slight sweetness and aroma of coconut. 

It almost felt like I was having a darker version of coconut water, tinted with a hint of coffee. This can be a boon/bane, depending on your preference. This was enjoyable for me. 

No.of Tiaras: 4

Peking Chicken Confit with Waffles ($16.50) 

Instead of Peking duck, the twist here is the chicken, which is sous vide in oil and roasted. The result is an outside that is crisp and flavourful with the 5-spice aroma, while the inside is tender shreds that are still very moist. 

The sides are waffles and a plum sauce that has elements of ginger inside. I wasn't expecting it to work, but the sweet-savoury combination did and very well so. This was top on my favourites here and definitely is something to go for. 

No.of Tiaras: 4.5

Bangers and Mash ($18)

The potato mash is infused with century egg, which lent the mash a slightly sour tinge. It is a foamy, (slightly too) light consistency. It would have been better if the consistency was slightly thicker, to slather on the wholemeal toast. Note the century egg taste won't be for everyone. The balsamic vinaigrette reduction drizzled onto the bangers provided a zing.  Otherwise, this was slightly underwhelming and paled in comparison to other items for the price point.

No.of Tiaras: 3.5

Miso Brown Butter Linguine 

Creamy like carbonara. If you are ready for savoury comfort, this is it - one of those comforting pasta dishes that's creamy and full of umami. Good choice for vegetarians as this is meatless, if you don't mind the egg. 

No.of Tiaras: 4

Crab Burger with Yuzu Coleslaw

The crab burger has a crab-seafood patty cake sandwiched between two toasted buns. The patty had a pan-fried to crisp exterior. The addictive element here is the thick cut fries, which remained crispy even after half an hour of photo taking. 

The patty itself was a seasoned mix of crab and seafood. Not bad, though the taste didn't work as much for me. If i had to pick, I would keep it to a pure crab cake. 

No.of Tiaras: 4 

Smoky Nutella and Coffee Kaya Coconut Freak Cakes ($14.80) 

The presentation of these cakes are a marvel. 

The coffee kaya coconut freakcake is decked out in childhood goodies that bring back nostalgia (colourful gem cookies anyone?). 

Both were so pretty that I felt excited to have it just by looking at it. Between the 2, the Nutella was the preferred one as the coffee kaya was overly sweet for our palates. The layer of sponge cake is thicker for the Nutella than the coffee kaya, which meant it was more moist. 

No.of Tiaras: 4 (Nutella) / 3.5 (Coffee and Kaya)

Just like its counterpart Roosevelts (review here), it is always a treat for the senses when you have dishes presented by Ying and her team as every dish is a construct of flavours and textures with some innovative twists. Overall, this is a place with quality food to match reasonable price points. It is great for groups too as they have plenty of tables. 

Many thanks to Ying and her team for the invite.

Montana Singapore
PoMo, 1 Selegie Road, S188306
Open daily from 9am - 9.30pm/9pm (Sundays)
Phone:  6334 3137