Do.Main Bakery (Media Invite) - French Boulangerie-Cafe In the East by a French

Do. is french for dough and main is french for hands. This pretty much sums up the idea of this french bakery opened by former At-Sunrice instructor Chef Deshayes. The handmade French pastries and breads here are the real stars, though there are some other kitchen dishes on the limited menu. 

Located along the Tanjong Katong stretch (of foodie paradise), Do.Main looks every bit the artisan bakery-cafe that it is. You can see the chef and kitchen crew working their dough through a glass partition at the end of the bakery.

Chef Deshayes behind the glass partition
Apart from the bakes, they offer a small ala-carte menu of hot dishes as well.

Four Seasons Salad and Charcuterie Platter

Four Seasons Salad ($18)
Four Seasons Salad and Charcuterie Platter ($20)
On the charcuterie platter are thin slices of cold cut Kurobuta ham, pork rillette and the duck and pistachio pate. 
Charcuterie Platter ($20)
The pork rillette was a delight to have spread on the bread. Salty, tender and in shreds. It's almost like the kind of deliciousness of luncheon meat, but shredded and cold. If there's a savory meat version to Nutella, this is it. My companion praised the duck pate too, but that was less to my preferences. 

Cassolette Oven Baked Escargots 
Cassolette Oven Baked Escargots ($16) and Tartiflette 'Reblochon' ($16)
You can smell the oven baked escargots before it arrives. The peeled escargots are enveloped in housemade garlic herb butter. So garlicky fragrant and delectable that it is almost sinful. 

Tartiflette 'Reblochon'

One of my favourites of the night, the tartiflette 'reblochon' was a gooey comfort dish of soft potatoes, bacon and melted reblochon cheese. Hard to go wrong, and splendid spread on the accompanying sourdough bread. This was so so indulgent.

Mouilettes and Baked Eggs 

Mouilettes and Baked Eggs ($12)
Available in 3 variations, plain, with tomato or with bacon and chives, the baked eggs and mouilettes were fun to have because of its special eating method. The mouilettes turned out to be bread sticks with crispy edges. The bread was like the sourdough/baguette composition, but toasted.  

To enjoy, use your bread stick, dip and scramble the eggs to make it a runny mixture of egg yolk and white. It reminded me of our local soft-boiled runny eggs with toast. The tomato version was said to be the best. But uh, apart from the delicious mouilettes and novelty in how you eat it, I think runny soft-boiled eggs from the kopitiam will do.


Royal Chocolate Tart, Paris-Brest, Lemon Tart.
For dessert, the paris brest stood out as the best. A slightly crisp tart shell enclosing light hazelnut cream, the bite-sized pastry was superb in texture and taste. Not too sweet too. I could have seconds. 

For those looking for gluten-free, their version of the indulgent royal chocolate tart is that.

Dark Plum Tart
A close second for my favourite was the plum tart. Their fruit tarts changes with whichever fruit is in season. Explains the juiciness and natural sweetness of the dark plum. On the plain semolina tart base, the whole thing is just the right sweetness without being cloying. 

Pithivier ($7), Apricot Danish ($3.50).

I also did a takeaway of the pithivier and Apricot Danish. Both stayed in their original condition even till the next morning. They do a very good pithivier, which is a traditional French cake of golden pastry and almond filling. Note that this cake is quite heavy and more recommended for tea time than breakfast.

The apricot centre of the apricot Danish was also just the right sweetness with a flaky pastry. 
At the end of the tasting, the hospitable chef sent us along with his childhood snack of Chouquettes. These little pastries were simply sprinkled with icing sugar, but still satisfying.

If you are looking for an authentically French bakery, this place will more than meet the mark. Prices here are on the high side for the pastries and mains, so I ain’t so sure about its value-for-money. But one thing’s for sure, the quality is there. You can always share the pastries with a few friends while relaxing over coffee to diffuse the cost per pax. 

So do or don’t?

Do (If your wallet is up for it.)

Thanks Openrice and Food Cult PR for the tasting!

Do.Main Bakery
226 Tanjong Katong Road 
Open Sun, Tue-Thurs 8am-9pm; Fri-Sat 8am-10.30pm
Phone: 6348-1406